Download and print the Box Tops Form here.


Old Kings Elementary receives $.10 for every Box Top you summit! Thank you for clipping, saving, and bringing your Box Tops into the school. Please considering downloading the Box Tops App on your phone by going to When you scan your receipt on digital Box Tops items the school also receives $.10 plus there's lots of bonuses. 



We don't sell wrapping paper or candles to fund our PTO. Instead we asked our school community to participate in our "Invest in Your Child" campaign by donating $25 per student, though any (tax deductible) amount is appreciated. This is our primary fundraiser for the 2019-2020 school year. Donations of any amount will be accepted now through October 2nd. You can donate securely online by signing into your account or by filling out this form and sending it along with a check into the school.



Need to be reimbursed by the PTO for something you purchased and received pre-approval by the PTO for reimbursement? Please fill out the PTO Expense Reimbursement Form, attach your receipt, and return to the PTO mailbox located in the school mail room to request reimbursement.


Hi teachers! Need something for your classroom or the school? Need the funds for it? Fill out the Teacher Request Form and submit for consideration of the PTO purchasing it for you.


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